Jason Donovan was born on the 1st of June 1968 to Terence Donovan and Sue Menlove, In Melvern, Australia. Following an early separation, his father took charge of the young child in 1972. Donovan has stated that he has had no contact with his birth mother since this time. His father re-married in 1980 leading to the birth of Jason's half-sister, fellow 'Neighbours' star Stephanie McIntosh.

His first job was for a hot food takeaway, as a delivery driver, delivering fast food to students locally. During his own time with 'Neighbours', Jason began a relationship with Kylie Minogue, later claiming her to be his first love. However, the partnership began a dark time for Donovan as after the pair attended an INXS concert in 1989, Kylie and INXS front man Michael Hutchence began a relationship. Donovan recalled later during a frank interview with Piers Morgan that Kylie's departure and greater success was difficult to manage.

“I guess it is hard for a young man as you think you are the success story and the breadwinner, but then suddenly she is off on a different course. We did live together for a while and there was a lot of chemistry between us. This was the first time I had truly been in love with someone." said Jason, also stating that he never attended an INXS concert after the incident.

Already a user of cannabis during his time on 'Neighbours', Donovan moved on to cocaine during the 90's. His use gradually increased as his fame decreased, with up to 3 grammes a day being ingested at his peak. His addiction was marked by a well-established collapse at Kate Moss's 21st birthday party at the Viper Room in LA. Strangely, he was saved at the event by the very man who had kick-started his descent, Michael Hutchence.

In 1992, Jason caused a controversy by suing The Face, a magazine which claimed he was gay. In what he claims is his greatest regret, Donovan won £300, 000 in the case but was hit by furious backlash that claimed his actions were based on homophobia.

“I was refused entry to nightclubs, I had paint sprayed on my car. It was an ­extremely vicious revolt against me. It made me grow up relatively quickly.” Donovan told Morgan.

Jason met his soon-to-be wife, Angela in 1998 during a musical show where she was stage manager. The singer claims that she gave him an ultimatum after falling pregnant, telling the singer to either quit using drugs or never see his child. Jason left behind his wild ways in 2000 after the birth of his first child, and is now a committed family man with his wife and two other children.